Force-Majeure Broadcast (FMB) system has been designed as a back-up dedicated means to deliver short messages containing distress and security alerts, position reports, sensor data,  from mobile, fixed and semi-fixed (transportable) platforms in real time either direct to the Customer Monitoring Centres or through any other specific customer arrangements at 100% service availability and message delivery in case the primary means failed to do this.  The system is unique to offer low operating cost, small size broadcasters.  No threat of competition in the targeted niches, neglected by the currently available systems. The concepts have been protected by patents.


To-day, multilingual format for company's products, services, localised public exposure is a must, let alone meetings, fora and real time communications.  I can offer you the right solutions. The service includes translation in a single or bilingual format company's publications, such as Operating Manuals, Guidelines, User's Manuals, Leaflets on Products and Services, Localized Advertisements, Web-Pages, Interactive Training Course, Contributions, Submissions, Presentations to other bodies.  The service includes simultaneous and sequential interpretation in small groups around the table, for private two parties meetings, conferences and fora.  Welcome to my  Professional Code On-line secure delivery and payment: click DEMO

The project for national integrated systems of mobile communications based on advanced technologies of cellular GSM, macro-cellular regional and global satellite systems.  

As a bilingual international professional I can offer you this service in Europe, Russia and CIS. I have no restrictions in residing and working in London, Moscow and Minsk.  You may assign your representative  mission a range of functions and responsibilities.   Preparatory works, negotiations and participation in multinational business meetings, and fora to produce needed results and protect your business interests with immediate reports,  comments and proposals. 

The project for integrated communications, information, postal, legislative, and secretariat services with users of any mobile communications system.  The project implementation will bring the service to the mobile users which otherwise would never be available at a cost significantly lower than any component offered to-day individually.

I can provide advanced training, lecturing and presentations of company materials. This also may include preparations of notes, handouts, slides and other supporting materials using my Home Office Facilities and Microsoft Applications. I can do this from any stage of development simultaneously in two languages.  Based on your materials or simply through learning the system and service performances.

I sponsor this project in Belarus.  The name comes from the historic place of the country, which inspired Victor Markovets, the artist, to create a lot of paintings, see the ART GALLERY and navigate to ZASLAVL tunes and his personal exposition of unknown historic events in Zaslavl No 4  .  The project needs around $17mln to preserve the historic values, to convert the area into a civilized site of an international tourism with high standard facilities for travellers and professionals. The local association is supported by the Government and International Financial Institutions for duplicating the project in other six historic sites of the country. The government granted the local association a piece of land for development of the needed infrastructure.