My concept of Mobile Information Services MOBINFO presented here briefly explains some operational features enabling mobile users to get regular access to the secretariat services and information contents of Internet-type of networks.  The implementation should allow  the mobile users carrying just a single handset in his hand to get more services than to-day at a lower cost.  A reasonably wide network of InfoKiosks across the world will be a cheaper solution for traffic to avoid Public Switched Telephone Networks.  Few options of investment projects may be considered.


INDEPENDENT LINE.  Expense (needed investments) - >$1mln; lead time to install 300 InfoKiosks and E-Centre 6 - 7 months. Expected Return after the first year of operations. Investments applied to acquire and deploy of multilevel corporate network and interfaces with traditional and satellite-based networks.   Marketing Approach:  the company in cooperation with mobile network operators in Eurasia develop a shared market of mobile satellite and cellular users.   The company Status  an independent Russian Operator. Advantages:  Shared expense of market development Shared resource in action Acceleration of the user base Aggressive growth of traffic generated by mobile-to-mobile, InfoKiosks and Broadcasting. Risks:  Minimum.


RUSSIAN HYPERGEOS LINE. MOBINFO infrastructure development first meet the needs of the Russian HyperGeos and gradually absorbs the other operating mobile satellite, cellular and VHF systems. 


MOBILE INFORMATION SERVICES represent a new type of integrated services offered to the mobile users and their partners.  The list includes a variety of secretariat, post, legal and translation services. A set of possible services is offered in automatic mode based on pre-sets of user profile, as well as in manual mode via a service operator.


More details you can find in a short version in HTM format and full version in PDF format, use buttons below.  Full PDF version may require some patience.

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