My authored project, presented here, briefly explains some aspects of developed concept for Virtual Location Alarming Services VLAS, the system design, the family of services based on the system, as well as an innovative business approach to its expeditious implementation.   Initially, the business development was supplied with my own finance and other personal resource.  Recently, I changed the individual approach and decided to attract partners, investors, potential operators and service providers.  The system dedicated by design to very specific operations allows to achieve the report delivery time three times shorter compared with the best currently available satellite systems and similar services, extremely low energy consumption from a transponder, to ensure autonomous operations up to three years with no battery replacement and enjoy practically unlimited spectrum resource.
The system dedicated by design to very specific operational tasks is capable of (a) delivering the report within 5 to 25 seconds depending on the message length; (b) nearly excluding power consumption from a transponder due to the low level signal technology applied; (c) ensuring up to three years no battery replacement; (d) enjoying practically unlimited spectrum resource, possibly, on the satellites in overlapping unused safeguard bands; (e) providing higher security, confidentiality, encryption.

If one takes that in two-way systems the Power*Spectrum*Time product = 1.00 Unit, then believe it or not, in VLAS system for the similar message processing the product = 0.0005 Unit  

VLAS-Project. Expenses to come (extra need in investments) around $1.0mln;  Lead Time 6- 9 months for developing an operational demo prototype-laboratory . Deployment of the dedicated system into pre-commercial stage of operations for two-three customers within currently available resource 12 15 months.  Expected Return first year of operations. Invested so far >$600.000. Investments to direct:  final stage of development and production of the prototype-laboratory for demonstration purposes;  partly will cover earlier  investments in development of the system, patents and maintaining satellite resource availability. Market: Pessimistic  projections for user base growth up to 100.000 reporters ($100 $150 a set) and ten receiving systems for dispatch centres, rescue centres and operators ($100.000 $180.000 a set). Advantages:  First on the market, no competition in certain marketing niches. Rapid growth of user base. Risks:  Possible delays in capital return 3 - 6 months provided the results of field trials  would require significant changes and retesting.

PATENTS AND DOCUMENTATION. The commercially oriented concepts and innovative designs are protected by two Russian patents, which also may be considered for purchasing, together with  available documentation and on-going concern.

More details you can find in short and full versions of presentation in HTM and PDF formats, use buttons below.  Full version may require some patience.

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